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We designed the Hepta Dome for a mid-size dome for a client using it at Burning Man.

It had to be:

  1. Small enough to transport parts easily – dome fits in a van
  2. Strong and resist desert winds and storms – wind resistant dome shape
  3. Easily covered – minimal materials needed

Ern [founder of Garden Domes] had recently designed and developed the hexagon based Tetra 3HZ dome and continued research on anti-prism shapes. The result was the 7-sided heptagon, the heptagon anti-prism, and with a conical top, he named it the Hepta Dome. Results were positive and our client was delighted. We now offer this unique one-of-a-kind dome for sale in Connector Kits and Frame Kits for 2×4 and 2×6 domes as the Heptadome. A steel tube version can be built as well. Coverings and entry/exit doorways can be made fairly simply.
An -X1 subdivision option is available. A 7 or 14-way top connector is made with our patented system. Connector hubs can be pvc, other plastic, or metal. We recommend sch. 80 pvc or sch. 40 aluminum. It will make a great greenhouse, gazebo, or other shelter.

Images from the Edome 3D model:

One can see how the lower triangles can be covered with a long rectangle of material, making it quick and easy.

An option to the simple conical top is to use a short heptagram or 7-arm star- this is the dome + heptagram and we call it simply enough, the Heptagram Dome
The 7-arm star dome is the Heptagram. It has its own unique page.
The Heptagram + anti-prism base is actually two structures joined together with short connecting struts. 14 connector hubs with 28 struts on bottom, and 15 hubs with 35 struts on top, and 14 short connector struts between the two.


Turbocad Pro renderings of the 18 ft 2×4 Hepta Dome

This example has triangles within triangles, shown as thin rope that is used to support a film covering in the large triangles and minimize wind flapping. This can be done with eyelets and shock (bunjee) cords. About 300 ft of cord/rope is needed.

Next is a photo of the original dome

See more at Customer’s Photos

A paper model plan pdf

8 ft. wide material needed to cover- aout 112ft. needed –pdf

3 profile views- top, front, side –pdf

Ropes in the triangles –pdf

Some more cool here paper models
and here

llustration example shown with the -X1 option and double sliding glass door
Buy this as an 18ft diameter, 2×4 dome you can build from the schedule 80 pvc Connector Kit with galvanized fasteners, construction book, cover patterns, etc.