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Heptagram dome

A new dome based on the Heptadome incorporting the ani-prism bottom and joining a new 7-point star on top

Options: The top star can be made larger as a roof cap or seperate dome, and it can be made higher [taller= more steep]. Also vertical base [VBO] and -X1 options, make yours a 2×4 or 2×6 frame. Larger sizes, steel tube and aluminum frames can be done with various coverings.
It will make a great greenhouse, gazebo, screen house, mini-house, vacation and huntimg cabin.
In this design the top star is added to the heptadome bottom.
Top view:

Side view:

The 2×4 frame:

Lower triangles are vertical-best for a door:

Build a Heptagram dome [Hepta Star Dome] using our Connector Kit.
The DIY 2×4 kit makes an 18ft. diameter, 10ft. tall dome as shown in the pdf below.
Includes sch. 80 pvc connector hubs, galvanized steel fasteners, -X1 (perpendicular bisector) option, door instructions/hdw., Edome 3D model, shipping [UPS ground]
35 struts and 15 Connector Hubs are added to the original Heptadome [7 top struts and 1 hub removed], giving it the wonderful star design