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Icosa - Dome X1 with retrofit door designs

Proportions are for the dome made with 8 ft 2 x 4 struts and 4.5″ diameter Connector Hubs.

Vertical left/right door boards are attached to X1 struts with screws or nails. A rectangle opening is framed in with dimensions 8 ft wide x 6 ft – 10 inches tall. Face planes remain flat for easy covering. Following this technique, a door extension can be framed in, any desirable length, for an entrance overhang, adding more floor space to the dome, or for connecting two or more domes together. With minor adjustments, a standard size door can be used.

Next a 32″ x 83″ opening is shown, extended outward 4″ from the top dome strut, to join the vertical door with bottom dome struts.
This is a more difficult approach, requiring some compound miter cuts on the original dome strut (dark brown).

Next an extension is added to the larger opening, using conventional wall framing techniques.