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Octa Dome 2 HZ = Hexagon Zenith

The 2 frequency Class 1 Octa Dome turned for hexagonal vertex zenith orientation – hex Connector Hub is at top. Compare with the similar Cube-Octa Dome.

The 6-way Connector Hub is at the top of the dome. This provides two square areas at front and back.
In this example, square edges [longest strut] are made with 8 ft lumber. Resulting dimensions:
Diameter – 16′ – 6″
Height – 14′ – 5″
Widest distance across opposite base Connectors – 16′ – 6″
Distance from front and back at ground level – 12′
Connector Hubs – 17
Struts – 34

Opening is wide enough for a small car or truck. The dome can be bigger for adding a standard garage door or smaller for a backyard greenhouse, storage shed, workshop, playroom for the kids, etc. Add a Vertical Base Option any convenient height to increase inside space.
X1 subdivision struts add reinforcing structure that will support cover materials in the large triangles. These could be 2 x 2 on a 2 x 4 dome, for a lightweight cover on a greenhouse dome or for shade or screen materials. Or make from 2 x 6 and 2 x 4 for a stronger dome ideal for adding roofing materials.

This illustration shows additional “X1” struts in the equilateral triangles:

X1 struts added to the squares – 2 lower and 2 upper:

Adding more “X1” struts in the equilateral triangles between the squares makes a hemisphere level of struts. Additional vertical support struts placed in the lower left/right triangles. A hemisphere = mid-level row of struts if formed. From the hemisphere level, make a half dome or add the VBO any convenient height. Could be a smaller diameter, with standard door placed in the rectangle opening in front.

Octa Dome 2 HZ – X1 as a hemi-sphere

Wood blocks or metal brackets can be used to join domes together in the fashion of the Tetra-Dome Modular Matrix Units.
Add on more Dome Units as needed. Front and back entrance/exit are shown open in this illustration.

The Matrix tunnel in perspective mode