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Double Domes

Double structural materials, double insulating space, double strength

Twice the number of struts and hardware, and variable distance between the inner and outer domes makes these structures suitable for dome homes  or commercial buildings where roof space for wiring, plumbing, insulation, ductwork, wiring cables etc. is needed.For greenhouse growing a super insulated environment can be created if both domes are covered with horticultural glazing or film.
For a soundproof interior a large amount of sound barrier material can be added between exterior roof and  interior ceiling panels.

Click on images below for a larger view:

Our Double Dome example is a 4 frequency Octa – Dome = Octa Dome 4 Class I with normal orientation of the 4 – way Connector on top. More about this and other Octa – Domes here.

Proportions shown are for a 20 ft diameter outer dome made from 2″ x 4″ standard framing lumber, with a separate 2 x 4 inner dome, connected with 3 inch Connector Hubs that are 12 inches long.

Double domes may have the same inner and outer dome types, or they may be different.
They may be the same basic dome but with X type variations [examples ] on the inner and outer dome.

Or they may be Diamond Truss domes, where a Class I and Class II dome joined at common vertices is often found.
Double domes may be made with our unique hub connection system, using longer hubs to separate the two domes a certain distance. In the case of simple steel tube domes(without hubs), spacing is accomplished by using longer connection bolts and steel tube spacers.
It is also possible to combine domes such as a 2 x 6 outer dome and a 2 x 4 inner dome or a wood outer dome and steel inner dome.