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The Octahedron, Tetrahedron and Cube Part 2

The Tetra Duals with a reflective translucent covering:

By adding the interior Octahedron and exterior Cube struts, a strong triple pyramid structure is made. In fact this structure has at least 22 inter-connected pyramids:

It might be a structural unit in a modular system such as the Octa-Tetra Truss, or remove the interior Octa for space inside to move around. Thr result is the “Tetra Hut” and with in-centers of Cube faces pushed out, the Tetra-Dome and Octa-Zome.

Tetra-Hut, with subdivision struts and roof cap taken from the Tetra-Dome:

Tetra-Dome, top half with Vertical Base Option-

The Octa, Tetra, Tetra Duals, Cube and combined OTC Pyramid Truss Unit can be constructed with our Connector Hubs using the Connector Kit or Frame Kit where we supply all the precut boards. The illustrations show a 2 x 4 structure made with standard 8 ft boards as the Cube edges. It can be made from 1 x 2 to 2 x 6 boards any practical size (a maximum size might be made with 12 ft boards). The first 3 of 5 Platonic solids are thus demonstrated. The remaining Icosahedron and Dodecahedron solids are also duals that make another unique inter-connected structure.The Tetra Duals make a tabletop support – see Octa – Zome

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