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Preparedness and Domes

We believe that the United States is approaching a major national crises.
Take a look at Haiti’s and Chili’s recent earthquake, the devastating hurricane in Belize, and the Japan and Inodonesia tsunamis. Then consider enrgy shortages, militant terrorists, unstable nuclear powers, religious and racial wars and how any of these might greatly effect life as we know it in the U.S.
For instance if diesel fuel became unavailable our nation would come to a standstill, food shelves would be empty and motor fuel supply would quickly diminish.
The electromagnetic impulse from one nuclear blast strategically located over central U.S. could wipe out a large portion of electronic transmissions- no phone, lights, motors, cars, computers.
Biological (germ) warfare is a real threat. It is a weapon of mass destruction that we are not prepared for.

Preparing for survival

Keep spare batteries, water, fuel oil, kerosene, canned food, dehydrated food, matches, etc. Consider solar panels and a backup generator. Try living without electricity for a day.

Grow your own healthy organic food.

Start a garden. This is where the domes come in useful. Especially in areas where cold prohibits outdoor growing of many plants, but these can be grown inside your garden dome. You can save money and ensure a fresh healthy supply of produce, for your family and friends. Even use for extra income.

Raw living food

The Life Energy your body needs for health can only be obtained from RAW LIVING FOOD. This is because raw food found in the natural God given state is the only food with living ENZYMES. Enzymes are chemical protein compounds that are energizers of all body metabolism. The heat of cooking over 120 degrees F kills enzymes. Pasteurized and canned food has no enzymes.

All physical life energy begins with the sun. Solar energy is what plants use for photosynthesis. This light/chemical process is what creates the life power of enzymes that all animal life on earth depends on. This is why seed sprouts, raw salads, and raw fruit and vegetable juices are an essential element for health.
This subject is discussed thoroughly in Edward Howell’s book Enzyme Nutrition. For more important health related information check out our Food Combining Chart and Health Links – Alternative Medicine

FOOD COMBINING - Natural Health

For obtaining better digestion and a higher level of health
“You are what you eat – and assimilate.”

Poor mixture – Avoid at same meal: Proteins and Starches

Proteins – nuts, seeds, dried beans, dried peas, peanuts, lentils, milk, eggs, cheese, flesh foods

Starches – potatoes, lima beans, mature corn, winter squash, artichokes, chestnuts, yams, pumpkins, grains, carrots, beets, coconuts

Good combinations:

  1. Proteins with green and/or low starch vegetables
  2. Starches with green and/or low starch vegetables

There are three fruit classifications:

Acid fruits – orange, grapefruit, pomegranate, strawberry, pineapple, tangerine, lemon, lime, kumquat, kiwi

Sub-Acid fruits –
mango, apricot, peach, nectarine, most grapes, apple, pear, cherry, berries, plum

Sweet fruits – banana, dates, raisins, sapote, papaya, fresh fig, Thompson grapes, Muscat grapes, persimmon, dried fruits

Poor food mixture avoid at same meal: Acid fruits and Sweet fruits

Fair food mixture at same meal: Acid fruits with Sub-acid fruits, or Sub-acid fruits with Sweet fruits


  • Avocados are best combined with low starch vegetables.
  • Eat fruits separately as a fruit meal. They may be combined with lettuce and/or celery.
  • Tomatoes may be combined with low starch vegetables and either nuts or avocados.
  • Melons are best eaten alone as a separate meal.
  • Eat only one protein food type at a meal (do not mix nuts and meats or fish).

Why practice food combining?

  • Better digestion = better health. Clear thinking, brighter eyes, clearer skin, less bad breath and body odor.
  • Lose weight
  • Practice self control
  • Get real RELIEF- you will not need any of the popular over the counter and prescription drugs like Propulsid.
  • Save your enzyme pool (see Article from Howell below)
  • Live longer
  • Recover from sickness, disease, incorrect eating etc.

Refer to these books:
Food Combining Simplified by Dennis Nelson
Proper Food Combining by Dr. Herbert Shelton
Enzyme Nutrition by Edward Howell
Food Combining Handbook by Gary Null
Fit for Life – Harvey and Marilyn Diamond – Read excerpt