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PST Dome = Pentagon-Square-Triangle

A great new unique dome design with pentagons, squares and triangles arrayed in 5-way symmetry, based on the icosa-dodeca semi-regular solid.

A 20 ft diameter 2×6 dome is illustrated. Total height is 13 ft. and struts lengths range from 30 to 46 inches. Only three strut sizes are required to build the dome, with some minor adaptations to make the door entrance and a flat, level ground perimeter. As shown there are 84 Connector Hubs. The top third of the dome has a flat, level perimeter and may be used as a shallow dome or roof cap dome, mounted on posts, wall, VBO, etc. Square areas and equilateral triangles could be made flat, while keeping the triangles, to save on work and cover materials. The dome could easily be made a 30 ft. The door height on the 20 ft. is 78 inches as shown, a larger dome such as 22 ft will fit a standard door in this area. Part 2 shows more 3D illustrations in color.