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Rhombi-Cube-Octa Dome

This dome can be covered with the fluted polycarbonate glazing or Coroplast brand type HDPE glazing, made from 4 x 8 sheets and all the flutes will be up-down orientation as recommended for installation, [for condensation to flow out]; with the UV side ‘out’ as required with the polycarbonate plastics. Only two triangle sizes for the square pyramid and triangle pyramid areas.
Use board panels such as OSB, plywood etc. for roof decking to make this dome into a shop, cabin, etc.

Max. size for this dome covered with the 4 x 8 sheets efficiently is 20 ft.- 5 in. diameter. One sheet covers 4 square pyramid triangles or 6 triangle pyramid triangles. The dome can be the hemisphere (1/2 dome) or as shown a 5/8 dome with a convenient square area for adding off-the-shelf door and windows. Example for sawing 4 x 8 sheets:

This is probably the best 20 ft size dome for easiest, most efficient covering efficiently with 4′ x 8′ polycarb. or board panels; you’ll need about 28 sheets. It takes about 115 2 x 4 x 8 ft boards to make the 20-23 ft dome. The maximum diameter size made using 8 ft boards for the long struts is 23 feet.

You can make a simple paper dome from the model plans here.

The “Face Intermediate” boards can be added. These are additional roof support boards that are best if you have lots of snow accumulation or for adding support for roofing materials. See Cube-Octa-S-X1 Dome

This dome can be a hemisphere = 1/2 dome RCO – S – X1 – Half Dome

The 2 x 6 dome shows the -X1 subdivision, Cupola option, hexagon window, and double glass door >>