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Star Dome 2-C Paper Model

2 pentagons make up the dodecahedron. 6 of these will give the basic structure of the Star Dome 2.
Cut out the pattern and crease along the interior pentagon edges. Then tape the outside edges together.

Note that this is a quick/simplified method to show the domes elements. It does not show the domes actual roundedness.
It is best to print on thick paper or colored card stock for more rigidity to the dome model. You will need to print twice to make the complete dodeca sphere or Star Dome 2 configuration.
Have fun!

Dome model layout of the Star Dome 2-C with all separate face planes

Adding festive lights to the Star Dome 2 Geo-Sphere

Three of each sections are required to make the dome model. Place them as shown, alternating sections, lining up adges carefully and taping together. Shows the Star Centers and shortened base pentagons to provide a level bottom.