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Steel Domes

These are manufactured with standard sizes of galvanized steel round tubes (EMT type). Tube ends are flattened with a hydraulic press, bent to the proper mating angle, holes punched with a precision die. Machined areas are ground smooth and anti-corrosion paint applied. These domes are bolted together with or without the patented Connector Hubs.
Use with the Connector Hub system for easiest assembly/disassembly and portability. Also for level, even, consistent face planes for attaching glass panels, greenhouse glazing, or board panels. This 18 ft Octa-Dome was made from 1-3/8″ tubes:

  • Simpler tube domes made without the need for hubs – keeps cost low.
  • Smaller domes (up to approx. 20 ft depending on dome type) may be shipped UPS in 2-5 packages.
  • Larger dome packages shipped by Roadway Express
  • The Connecting Hubs may be used when ease of assembly and repeated assembly/disassembly is a factor.
  • Great for double domes, Diamond TrussTM domes, lightweight project domes, tents, experimental structures
  • Combinations of hub/non-hub vertices on certain domes possible.
  • Combinations of various tube sizes (diameter) on a single dome, or wood and steel etc. etc.

The steel domes are very structurally strong, durable, with galvanized tubes and hardware used throughout. Very large domes possible, and reinforced Diamond Truss

A 2 frequency Geo-Sphere made with 3/4″ tubes.

Please inquire for a special price quote on the steel conduit domes. Give us a dome size and preferred type. Only complete Frame Kits will be made available (no Connector Kits). Email:

Check out the steel Star Star Geo-Sphere, Octa-Dome, and Art Booth

Aluminum Domes

Use standard extrusions of hollow tubes, round, square, etc. or structural beams such as I beams, and sheet metal connector plates as demonstrated on the 3 ft Garden Dome 4 concept model. Connector plates are round or cut with star arms and drilled for fasteners. You may have inner and/or outer connector plates made from standard thickness aluminum sheet. More details at –>Aluminum Domes

Diamond Truss TM Domes

Made from round steel tubes as above. Other construction materials possible. Such as a wood dome, steel cables, aluminum etc. Ideal for larger reinforced domes or smaller domes that will need to be very strong. These are 2 separate domes interconnected, one inside the other joined at several common vertices.

Example 1: Class II 4v with Diamond Truss cross bracing shown with dashed lines produces an interior Class I 2v (Garden Dome 2) dome with common vertices (top view). Note: this is not the same concept as the Garden Dome 2- X3 for example because the two connected domes shown above are separate with common vertices. Each has its own geodesic roundness. Each strengthens the other with dome “synergy” – the 3-D pyramid truss. More illustrations here

Example 2: Garden Dome 1 with the Diamond Truss system added makes an Icosa Dome in the interior (dashed lines). With 10 ft. boards (or tubes) for the Icosa Dome, the G.D.1 struts will be approximately 6 and 7 feet long, and the dome diameter will be 20 feet.An inner layer of clear poly film and an outer layer of the woven super poly, Coroplast or polycarbonate glazing will add greatly to the insulating ability of the dome as well as reinforcing structural strength.

Spherical Pyramid Truss Domes

More varieties and strengthening options for the steel domes described above. A closer knit spherical octahedron- tetrahedron (octet) pyramid truss

multiplies elements and synergistic strength, ideal for larger domes. More unlimited possibilities. CAD drawings available. >
Read more from the Dome X – Files
The most famous dome of this type: Expo ’67