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Tetra – Dome E.Z.

A simple design for a half-sphere geodesic dome. With only 10 Connector Hubs and 21 struts, it has fewer elements than the Icosa Dome (11 Connectors, 25 struts).This is the Tetra-Dome turned for Edge Zenith orientation.

It can have a Vertical Base Option any practical height relative to diameter,with diagonals or intermediate struts (shown in brown).

Drawing proportions: long struts (dark green) are 2 x 4 x 8 ft. boards. The bottom long axis (measure across) will be 14′ – 6″ and height will be nearly 6 ft. As illustrated with a Vertical Base Option, more height any practical distance (4′ shown here) can be added. Compare with the Octa – Gazebo – Dome.
With the VBO enough height can be added to retrofit a standard rectangular door.The Base Option may have Intermediate vertical struts added, and/or cross brace diagonals for structural stability. The dome will make an excellent greenhouse, storage shed, workshop, etc. The “X1” and “X2” subdivision struts can be added.

“X1” struts added – qty 12 – to give strength and add structure.

Domes can be joined together to make a “Tetra-Dome EZ Matrix”, here with the 4 ft.Vertical Base Option

The dome units can be joined together in long rows. Large bolts and angle brackets connect two hubs that join units together. This example is 22 ft long x 12 ft wide, with height 10 ft. A tetrahedronal pyramid is made when joining the Modular Units together at the pyramid tops (green). Connecting struts shown in blue make larger flat areas suitable for covering with sheet material with less seams and cutting required.Illustrated with X1 struts and screen cover:



With glass glazing, and mid-section covered: