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The Tetra Dome Hut - Garden Shed / Greenhouse

Made from 2 frequency Class 2 Tetrahedron geometery. It is a cube with diagonal cross bracing and a shallow pyramid top added from the original Tetra-Dome -X1. The top can be made to over-hang the bottom for a roof cap to shed rain. Remove the diagonals on any side to incorporate a standard door frame. A small off-the-shelf window will fit in any of the large triangles. 12 sheets of 4 x 8 material will cover the structure with long (square edge) struts being approx. 90 inches. Only 9 connector hubs required, with associated hardware including the 3 and 4-way Strong Ties.

Extra hardware is supplied for the door retrofit. Add extra dividing struts for support of siding and roofing materials.

The 2 frequency Class II tetrahedron: