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Tetra-Dome Matrix

Concept drawings of how several Tetra-Domes as Modular Matrix Units may be combined. With this modular approach many configurations are possible.

Nine units are shown with shortened top pyramids (blue), full size side pyramids (green), X1 support struts (red), and top to top pyramid struts (yellow) which make an Octet [octa-tetra] type truss structure of joined pyramids.

Top view section of 9 Tetra-Dome Modular Matrix Units.

Right side view.

Another pictorial view shows struts added to side pyramids.

Top view of 84 units joined. With a 12 ft x 12 ft footprint for each unit, total square foot of floor area would be 12,096.

Design Flexibility:

  • May be manufactured with or without cylindrical hub connectors for steel tube frameworks.
  • May be of all aluminum construction.
  • The -X1 and -X2 subdivision may be added, greatly increasing the amount of structural members and strength of the system. These may be of smaller elements than the main parts of the structure.
  • Modularity – add on new sections as needed.
  • Polycarbonate glazing can be attached on the structure in large flat, rectangle pieces.
  • Cross bracing from dome to dome at mid-level produces a convenient shelf level. More shelving could be easily incorporated into the framework.
  • The strong structure will present no problems for support of fans, heaters, lights, watering fixtures etc.
  • The Diamond Truss System may be used to strengthen the dome or to add useable interior space.
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