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TR-Cube-Octa Dome Part 4

Top view with open octagon

Front profile view, open frame

Perspective front view of open frame.
Longest struts are the octagon centers – top 8 struts shown here. These are 8 ft on the 28 ft diamter (largest size using standard 8 ft boards), 6 ft on the 20 ft diameter.
Make a larger dome with 10 ft lumber, with optional X1 subdivision struts available for this dome in any size. Make super strong  for a house/cabin etc. by using 2 x 6 lumber, aluminum Connector Hubs, X1 struts and cover with 1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood or OSB. The vertical sides are ideal for adding the dome to an existing structure, adding the extensions to increase floor space, and connecting domes together.

For full size high resolution images of this dome order our Dome Screensavers CD

This  image shows octagrams in the original configuration of the TR-CO dome:

The Octagram Roof Cap as a gazebo top: