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Truncated Dodeca +Decagrams

10 point stars are added to the Tr-D Dome

The 20 ft dome is 10′ – 9″ tall  or 54% of diameter.
Longest strut is only 46 inches. Shortest strut is only 25 inches.
If we make the longest struts 96″ – length of  standard 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 lumber, diameter is nearly 50 ft. This is the central decagram strut and these parameters can be changed by modifying the decagram. In other words, the star points can be made shorter or longer. Consequently the inside 10 wedge pie will be enlarged or reduced proportionally.

Simplest dome building method would make the 10 edges of the decagram all equal. Here they are shown 2 different lengths. By using all equal lengths, only 4 strut types (lengths) will be needed, plus 4 special case struts along the base perimeter to make the dome flat, where triangles are shortened between the decagrams. For a wood dome, there will be 141 Connector Hubs and 325 struts. Parts can be removed for an entrance.

Like the Octagram Dome, the Decagram Dome (decagram by itself as a 10 sided shallow dome) can be flatter (shorter) or rounder (higher) by adjusting the radius. Place on a wood or masonry riser wall or Vertical Base Option to make a structure such as a gazebo or greenhouse, with 5 or 10 sides.